Land of Goshen Doodles

We are a home based breeder with a strong belief that dogs are truly family. With that we only have a couple of litters each year enabling our whole family to love on and care for the puppies to help get them ready for their new homes. Our primary goal is to have healthy, confident, easy to train companions with excellent temperaments and with little to no shedding. To accomplish this goal, we start with the best parents who have been extensively health tested, have great temperaments themselves, and are well socialized. We have also utilized the benefits of coat testing to determine coat type and shedding probability. 

Our puppies have the advantage of being raised in our home as a part of our family, with lots of love & attention from the start! We implement early neurological stimulation and age appropriate training practices (adapted from Puppy Culture) to set up our puppies’ new families up for success!

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