Nigerian Dwarf Goats


This spring our small herd of 4 Nigerian Dwarf goats gave birth to a total of 10 kids! There are 8 doelings & 2 bucklings, and we still have some available! All are different patterns of a flashy black and white & most have blue eyes (2 have golden brown eyes). Our goats are raised on our small hobby farm & are handled often and given lots of attention & care. These goats are so friendly, they greet everyone! Even the UPS driver! All are super playful, affectionate, & really love to eat honeysuckle! Our herd has been tested & therefore is free of Johne’s, CAE, & CL. All the kids are either polled or have already been disbudded and will go home will fully vaccinated. Some of them were born in April 2024 & the rest in May 2024. Please email me for more info 🙂