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Heidi is our darling. I’ve never met a dog with such a sweet demeanor who is so eager to please and just be by people’s side. She is also the easiest and most laid back dog I’ve met! Even as a puppy, Heidi was a breeze. Having a toy constantly at the ready, she is always eager to play (she even sleeps with toys in her mouth!). And yet she is perfectly content just to sit by our side. 

Call Name: Heidi ( Will also answer to Ickle-Heidikins or Heidi-boo)

Breed: English Cream Goldendoodle (75% English Retriever 25% Poodle)

Height: 17”

Weight: 25lbs

Coat: Wavy, cream, non-shedding (carries f/f (two furnishing genes- optimal for producing non-shedding puppies)

Personality: Happy, devoted, loves everyone she meets

Favorite Activity: Hiking, playing with toys, fetch, being loved on

Loves: All toys and balls

Birthday: July 20th

Health Clearances:  vWD type I clear, prcd-PRA clear, GR1 & 2 PRA clear, GM2 Gangliosidosis clear, Osteochondrodysplasia clear, NeWS clear (Here’s Heidi’s OFA results)



Moses is owned by our friends at Timberidge Goldendoodles . Here’s what Timberidge has to say about their handsome poodle.

“Moses is an apricot poodle who loves being with his family. He loyally follows us like a shadow around the house and yard. Rain won’t stop this boy from sticking by your side. Moses loves to lie on the floor next to you with his chin resting on your foot. He’ll happily chew on his kong or favorite bone for hours, and he loves to retrieve. Walks are by far Moses’ favorite activity. He gets excited as soon as you mention the word. Car rides are also top on his list, as he enjoys leaning out the window and feeling the wind in his face. Moses is a goofy, playful, happy boy.”This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department.

Call Name: Moses

Breed: Poodle

Height: 17”

Weight: 24lbs

Titles: CGC, RL1, RATI

Coat: Curly, Apricot, Non-Shedding

Personality: Loyal, Happy 

Favorite Activity: Going on Walks and Having His Ears Scratched

Loves: Kongs (toys) and Racquet Balls

Birthday: December 25, 2014Health Clearances: OFA Hips normal, OFA normal Patellas, OFA normal Cardiac, CAER normal (last eye exam 10/2019), vWD clear (type I & II), prcd-PRA clear, GM2 Gangliosidosis clear, Osteochondrodysplasia clear

Contact us: landofgoshendoodles@gmail.com